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Tom Cox

Tom Cox and RJ McKendree – Thursday 20th July

Clocktower Records present:

Tom Cox and RJ McKendree performing Wallflower.

Clocktower Records present:Tom Cox and RJ McKendree performing Wallflower.

Thursday 20th July 2023

£15.00 tickets

Doors 7pm / Starts 7:30pm

The album Wallflower accompanies the novel Villager by Tom Cox. Californian musician RJ McKendree is brought to life by Will Twynham (Dimorphodons) who has created the book’s 11-track lost psychedelic record from 1968.

Tom Cox and RJ McKendree

About Tom Cox the Author

Tom Cox has an impressive literary portfolio to his name, with thirteen books under his belt. Each book is a unique exploration of themes that resonate with readers on a profound level. From the widely celebrated “21st-Century Yokel” to the captivating and award-winning “Help The Witch,” which unexpectedly secured the prestigious Shirley Jackson Horror Writing Award despite its divergence from traditional horror conventions, Tom’s ability to captivate and surprise his readers is evident. Among his other notable works are “Ring The Hill,” “Notebook,” and the recently published debut novel “Villager.” What sets Tom apart from many authors is his daring approach to crowdfunding his books. Partnering with the independent publisher Unbound, he fearlessly follows his own path, remaining true to himself and his unique vision. This journey has not been without its obstacles, but it has allowed him the freedom to express his creativity authentically.

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