World Goth Day 22nd May

Jonny Slut! unboxes a box set of Young Limbs Rise Again to mark World Goth Day!

Jonny Slut joined us in Clocktower Too for an unboxing of the 6LP  version of  ‘Young Limbs Rise Again, The story of the Batcave Nightclub 1982 to 1985

Jonny Slut, also known as Jonny Melton, served as the keyboard player for Specimen, the iconic glam-spooks of the Batcave era. In addition to being the house band of the club, Specimen was co-founded by Jonny. He became renowned for his striking appearance, characterized by a fright-wigged and fishnet-draped aesthetic, complemented by his towering deathhawk hair—a particularly voluminous variation of the mohawk hairstyle. Jonny’s beauty, androgyny, and air of terror made him a prominent figure within the goth subculture. At the age of 19, he left his hometown of Peterborough behind to join the band, embarking on a journey that would solidify his status as a defining goth figurehead.

Read about Jonny Slut and John Robb in the Guardian

The Batcave was a weekly club night that started in 1982 at 69 Dean Street in central London. It is widely recognized as the place where the Southern English goth subculture originated. The term “Batcaver” was coined to refer to the fans of gothic rock music who frequented this club. These fans would often wear Batwing coffin necklaces as a distinctive symbol to set themselves apart from attendees of other goth clubs.

The Batcave attracted a notable crowd of regulars who would gather to meet friends and enjoy drinks. Among the attendees were renowned musicians and singers, including Nick Cave, Robert Smith of The Cure, Siouxsie Sioux, Steven Severin, the members of Bauhaus, Marc Almond, and the members of Foetus. These individuals frequented the club, adding to its vibrant atmosphere and contributing to its influential status within the goth subculture.

We will continue the Goth Theme this Thursday 25th May with a visit by John Robb

We will have signed copies of “Young Limbs Rise Again” in store and Clocktower Records)

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