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Vinyl Saturday Record Fair

Vinyl Saturday Record Fair – Bridport 12th August 2023

Are you a music enthusiast or a record collector? If yes, then we have an event that you can’t afford to miss out on. Get ready for an exciting day out in the vibrant town of Bridport where the much-awaited Vinyl Saturday Record Fair is taking place. This event will be held at the Bridport United Church where you will have the chance to immerse yourself in an eclectic array of musical treasures. From vinyl records, CDs to singles, there’s something for everyone to add to their personal collection. But that’s not all, the renowned Clocktower Records and Clocktower Too will also be open providing an extensive and comprehensive selection of essential listening and collectibles.

If you have a passion for music, and want to experience the ultimate day out discovering rare gems and uncovering long-forgotten favorites then this is a must-attend event for you. We have everything that any music lover could ask for, so join us for a thrilling day filled with music, entertainment, and unbeatable finds. Make sure to come early as we will be open for business from 10am on Vinyl Saturday Record Fair day!

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Record Shop in Bridport

Bridport Destination for Vinyl Record Lovers

The west Dorset market town of Bridport has long been known to locals and visitors as a center for arts and events.  Now it is set to become the music hub of the UK as the dynamic owner of Bridport’s independent record shops, Roy Gregory owner of Clocktower Records and Clocktower Too, reveals his plans for this bustling market town becoming known for its musical expertise alongside the other already established arts and retail in town.   

Roy came up with the innovative idea of a record fair to trade preloved vinyl back in 2007, seeing a trend emerging for the reemergence of vinyl lovers and collectors buying records again. Bridport with its already established allegiance to arts and events in the west of Dorset, Roy reckoned could have the opportunity to become a destination experience for collecting records, enjoying music, and attending local events.

Establishing ‘Vinyl Saturdays’ as early as 2007, Roy championed the innovative idea of a quarterly record fair for collectors and lovers of the unique sound of vinyl to visit Bridport to buy quality preloved records. Vinyl Saturday was quickly picked up by the national music press, generating interest and enthusiasm from others interested in collecting records or adding to their existing collection and the spark was quickly ignited for a market town on a mission to attract and specialize in music. What Hay on Wye is to book lovers, Bridport is fast becoming the equivalent for music lovers, swiftly becoming known as a destination event with ‘Vinyl Saturday Record Fairs’ a mark in the calendar for all music lovers.

Roy and his friendly crew at the two shops, Clocktower records situated in the iconic and thriving St. Micheals art and antique quarter Bridport, and Clocktower Too situated alongside the historical art deco theatre The Electric Palace, support and encourage visitors to see the town as a destination experience not only for musical retail fun but also events. Monthly events take place in both shops with local emerging bands playing alongside more established musicians performing ‘pop up events’ seeing the opportunity to play in Clocktower records intimate shop venue after hours, as keeping their roots real and connecting with their audience. 

Trading Records

Trading records and cassettes is also part of the allure of visiting Bridport as Roy and his team have a specialisation and knowledge of all musical genres and the collectability and sales value of the music which crosses their door daily. Such trading keeps the stock fresh and exciting for casual shoppers and serious collectors as well as destination visitors to Bridport who know the rare gems to be found at Clocktower records.

Community values are of equal importance to Clocktower records who are keen supporters of donating towards local activities, such as the local skate park, with money generated from the sale of certain records which may not generate the same enthusiasm as the rarer items. Locals and visitors also can, and do, pop in to hear music, chat and browse, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the experience. Which is why of course Bridport is such a magnet for vinyl collectors as a destination. Where else can they be assured of finding a thriving market town, haven for the arts and events, center for art and antique collectors and to cap it all two specialist, friendly, comprehensive record shops.

Vinyl Saturdays Record Fairs are so well established in Bridport now that they complement and attract visitors aware of how much else there is in the town to see and do on the day. Record collectors can visit the record fair and then peruse the quality charity shops to find even more bargains. Saturday, the day of the record fair, is also market day in Bridport and even more records can be found on the stalls set up alongside the main thoroughfare, showcasing antiques alongside fresh produce.

Best Day out in Bridport

Roy’s commitment to sourcing and trading the best music to buy at his acclaimed independent record shops is matched only by his desire to see visitors to Bridport experience all the arts, events, and independent shopping opportunities on offer. As a destination to visit, Bridport really has everything to offer, not only music lovers but also everyone who enjoys an authentic, friendly day out in West Dorset.

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