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Bridport Football Club - Sponsor Zone

Clocktower Records are proud to sponsor Bridport Football Club
Bridport FC Ladies

Sponsor Bridport Ladies 2023 and 2024

Sponsor Bridport 1st Team 2023

Sponsor Bridport Reserves 2024

2024/25 Sponsorship

Clocktower Records will continue to sponsor Bridport FC in season 2024-25. The ladies will be sponsored for the 1st team and are also aiming to setup a development team as well which we have offered to support.

With regards to the men’s we will wait and see who get drawn for the 1st team sponsorship however we will as part of the setup have automatic sponsorship for the reserves team next season. We are also looking to sponsor tracksuit bottoms across the teams to give a very consistent Bridport FC feel.

We will continue to be active with the club bringing our media team in to help boost the community engagement and assist with fundraising as well.

2023/24 Sponsorship

Clocktower Records was proud to sponsor Bridport Football Club first team and Ladies team for the 2023-2024 season.

The main sponsor was chosen from a list of many other businesses, all of whom donated the same amount to sponsor the club. One business was selected to become the main team sponsor, providing wonderful support for the football club, and giving smaller businesses in the area the opportunity for some extra promotion. If you’re interested in finding out more about how to sponsor the club, you can contact them via their website or speak to Roy at Clocktower Records.

Keep an eye out for exclusive club merchandise available in the shop! It would be fantastic to see all our regular customers promoting the team by wearing Bridport Bees shirts with the Clocktower Records logo as the team progresses through the season.



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