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Clocktower Records Frequently Asked Questions

Rare Pink Floyd Singles
  • Do you have [specific album or artist] in stock?

    This seems like an obvious reason to visit a record shop, however, please do always ask if you can’t see what you came in to buy! If you have popped in to buy a specific album to either replace an old favourite or simply to add to your existing collection, you may want to know where it can be found in the shop.  Yet, more importantly if you ask us, you can discover everything Clocktower records have available by that artist or group, and you could be in for a delightful surprise as that rare one-off album you have been looking for is tucked away waiting for you to come in and find them!   

  • Do you have any rare or collectible records?

    The answer to this question at Clocktower records is always a resounding YES!  As mentioned in question one, we have a revolving and considerably large collection of rare and limited-edition records which we are happy to share with you, for sale or just as a lovely experience for music lovers to discover. These may not be out on the shop floor but ask us and we will happily get them out for you. Inquiring about rare records is a fabulous way to learn more about music and perhaps even incite a spark to start collecting them.

  • Do you buy used records?

    Absolutely! This is a resounding yes from Clocktower records. Our collection of preloved records is the nucleus of our shop, and we are recognised, applauded, and known for our fair pricing and total transparency when purchasing your record collections. From serious record collectors who are looking to capitalise on selling their extensive collections to those simply looking for a clear out, at Clocktower records you can be guaranteed that we will be happy to help you sell your old vinyl.

    Our purchasing and pricing of preloved records is how we ensure there is always a fantastic selection of all musical genres in the shop for sale.

    Additionally, if the records we take in are not suitable for the shop, we donate them to local charities ensuring that the community gets as much assistance financially from them as possible.

  • Can I listen to this record before buying it?

    The condition and sound quality of the record you are buying is important to us and Clocktower records are happy to have a listening station which allows customers to listen in-store before they purchase. Every pre-loved record we sell has been checked for quality and cleaned before they are put out for sale. If there are any issues we will write it on the plastic sleeve (over the cover) for you to see clearly before you buy.

  • Do you have any recommendations for cleaning and maintaining records?

    Please always ask us about how we look after our record collection as we are happy to share tips and show you how we keep our records for sale in such good condition. As you start to collect records or add to your existing collection it is important to know how to keep them in the best condition once you have bought them.

    Clocktower records uses, sells and recommends Clear Grove Records Cleaner. Pick a cleaning kit up in store

    Clear Groove Record Cleaner

  • Do you carry music-related merchandise, like posters?

    A selection of preloved merchandise is available for sale at Clocktower records. We love being able to offer old concert posters, flyers, tickets, or record sleeve inserts when we get the opportunity. A perfect opportunity to either add to your musical collections or frame as unique artwork with some amazing, preloved memorabilia.

    We also sell Bridport Football Club t-shirts as we are the proud sponsors of our local men’s and women’s team, and the new shirts have our funky logo cheering them forward to win the league on each t-shirt!

    Bridport FC Home Kit on Sale at Clocktower Records

  • Can you recommend some new music for me?

     We are happy to chat through what has come in and so keep an eye on our social media pages and news pages on our website. If you have a love for a specific genre, we can recommend new artists to discover in the same or a complimentary, or cross over style. Or perhaps look at compilation albums to try out and learn about new music. At Clocktower records we have a section of compilations which are a popular choice and great way to discover new music.

  • Do you sell records online?

    We don’t sell online as our ethos is solidly one of a fun destination experience for music lovers to explore our fabulous shop. If you are planning a visit to see from afar, call us to see if we have in store what you are looking for and then come along to enjoy the experience of being in a record shop with musical collections as good as any museum. Find a comfy sofa, listen to the music playing, chat to our friendly and knowledgeable staff and enjoy the in-person experience of buying records, CDs, or cassettes!

  • Are there any local music events or concerts happening soon?

    Local music events are the backbone of our community of music lovers, and we are always happy to share knowledge of what is going on in Bridport and around. The town is a hive of cultural and musical festivals, and we proudly support Vinyl Saturday, an innovative day out experience for music lovers which Clocktower records initiated over a decade ago. This popular and expansive date in any music lover’s diary brings collectors and music lovers to Bridport to see what the market traders, excellent charity shops, vintage, and collectable shops and, of course, Clocktower records music destination shop have on offer. A definite date for your diary!!

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