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Record Store Day

Find out what Record Store Day is all about.

There’s something special about listening to music on vinyl records. The warmth of the sound and the crackle of the needle make it an experience like no other.

While digital music has made it easier for us to access our favourite tunes, nothing beats the feeling of flipping through stacks of records at a local record store. If you’re a music lover, then you won’t want to miss this day – a global celebration of music and the people who sell it.

What is Record Store Day?

Record Store Day is an annual event that celebrates the culture of independent record stores and the unique role they play in their communities. The first event was held in 2008, and since then, it has grown into a worldwide phenomenon.

When is Record Store Day?

Record Store Day is usually held on the third Saturday in April.

What happens on Record Store Day?

This event marks a celebration of music in all its forms. On this day, independent record stores around the world come together to offer exclusive vinyl releases, in-store performances, artist meet and greets, and other special events.

The Mutter Slater Band played outside Clocktower, Bridport on the day

The Mutter Slater Band is a British blues rock band that was formed in the 1970s by its namesake, Mutter Slater. The band’s sound is heavily influenced by the blues and rock music of the 1960s and 1970s, and they have been noted for their powerful live performances.

Mutter Slater, who is the band’s lead vocalist and harmonica player, began his career as a member of the folk-rock band Stackridge before branching out on his own. The Mutter Slater Band has released several albums over the years, including “Live in Tokyo” and “The Champ”.

In addition to Mutter Slater, the band’s current lineup includes musicians such as guitarist Steve “Boltz” Bolton, drummer Dave Newman, and bassist Dave Williams. The band continues to tour and perform regularly, delighting audiences with their unique blend of blues, rock, and folk music.

How can I participate?

If you’re a music lover, then participating in Record Store Day is a must. Here are some ways you can get involved:

Support your local record store by shopping there on the day. Many stores offer special deals and discounts on this day, so it’s a great opportunity to add some new records to your collection.

Attend in-store performances and artist meet and greets. Many stores host live performances by local musicians and even some big-name artists. Check with your local store to see what events they have planned.

Purchase exclusive record releases. Every year, Record Store Day releases a list of exclusive vinyl releases that are only available in independent record stores.

These releases are highly sought-after by collectors and music fans alike, so be sure to get to your local store early on the day to get your hands on them.


Why is this event important?

Record Store Day is important because it helps to support independent record stores and the people who work there.

These stores are often the heart and soul of their communities, providing a space for music lovers to connect and discover new artists. The event also helps to raise awareness of the importance of physical music formats like vinyl and the importance of supporting local businesses.

How has Record Store Day impacted the music industry?

Yes, this event has had a significant impact on the music industry since its inception.

It has helped to revive interest in physical music formats like vinyl, which had been in decline for many years. It has also helped to support independent record stores, which have faced stiff competition from online retailers and digital music platforms.

What are some of the most popular Record Store Day releases?

Every year, Record Store Day releases a list of exclusive vinyl releases. Some of the most popular releases in recent years include:

David Bowie – ChangesNowBowie
Fleetwood Mac – The Alternate Rumours
Prince – Sign O’ The Times (2020 Remaster)
Billie Eilish – Live At Third Man Records
John Lennon – Mother/Why

Record Store Day is a celebration of music, community, and the love of vinyl. It’s a chance for music lovers to come together and show their support for independent record stores and the unique role they play in our culture. By participating, you can help support local businesses and keep the love of music alive. So mark your calendars for April and head to your local record store to join in the celebration. You never know what treasures you might find or what new artists you might discover. Long live the vinyl!

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