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second hand 12 Inch vinyl records
Selection of Techno Vinyl 12 inches

The Man with No Name

In 1996, English electronic music duo Way Out West released “The Man with No Name” on a 12-inch vinyl record. The track, featuring a guitar riff and atmospheric sound effects, combines electronic beats and melodies to create a western-inspired mood. It is one of the most popular tracks from their self-titled debut album. Clint Eastwood’s “Dollars Trilogy” character inspired the title. The 12-inch version includes remixes by Quivver and Alexander Kowalski. “The Man with No Name” has been hailed for its innovative approach and unique sound, making it a classic in the electronic music genre.

Acid music 12 inch Vynl

Live in New York

Moritz Von Oswald Trio’s live album, “Live In New York,” was recorded during their 2009 performance at the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, New York, and released on vinyl and CD in 2010. The album showcases the group’s improvisational skills, blending techno, dub, and jazz to create atmospheric tracks with a focus on texture and soundscapes over traditional song structures. The trio utilizes a range of electronic and acoustic instruments, including synthesizers, drum machines, piano, and percussion.

The LP version is highly acclaimed as a landmark recording that pushed the boundaries of techno and experimental electronic music, making it a must-have for collectors and fans of the Moritz Von Oswald Trio.


Final Cut

Outrages Angel

British electronic music producer and DJ Dave Angel gained fame in the 1990s. His “Outrages Angel EP” on R&S Records is a classic techno release, featuring four tracks with pounding beats, atmospheric pads, and haunting synths. Angel’s signature blend of techno and trance is evident in tracks like “Globetrotting,” “Madness,” and “Airborne.” The EP established Angel as a pioneering figure in electronic music, highly regarded for his innovative sound design and forward-thinking approach.

Arcadia - Techno House

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Afghan Acid - Remixes

“The Rising Sons – Afghan Acid (Remixes)” is a collection of reworked versions of the original track “Afghan Acid” by Damian Lazarus and James Ford, who make up the musical project The Rising Sons. The original track was featured on their 2016 EP “Keep On Keeping On,” which was released on the Crosstown Rebels label.

The remix collection comprises four versions of the track, each remixed by a different artist. The first remix comes from Acid Pauli, a German DJ famous for his experimental and diverse approach to electronic music. His version of the track has a slower tempo and a more psychedelic sound that focuses on the Middle Eastern and Indian-inspired melodies of the original track.

Nicola Cruz, an Ecuadorian musician and producer, provides the second remix, which combines electronic music with traditional Latin American rhythms and instruments. His remix adds an organic and tribal feel to the track by incorporating percussion and woodwind instruments.

The third remix is by Bedouin, a New York-based duo known for their deep and atmospheric techno productions. They add a more introspective and darker ambiance to the track, utilizing haunting vocals and atmospheric soundscapes.

The fourth and final remix is by Stereo Mc’s, a British electronic music duo who blend hip hop, funk, and dance music. Their remix is more uptempo and upbeat, focusing on the catchy bassline and vocal samples of the original track.

Overall, “The Rising Sons – Afghan Acid (Remixes)” offers a diverse range of interpretations of the original track, highlighting the versatility and creativity of the artists involved.

Deep Into The Cut

British electronic musician and producer Steve Pickton, also known as Stasis, released “Deep Into The Cut” under his alias Final Cut in 1994 on Full Cycle Records. The album is a classic of UK techno and deep house, blending techno, house, and ambient music with deep, dubby grooves and hypnotic rhythms. Intricate percussion, lush soundscapes, and haunting melodies characterize the tracks, with “Deep Into The Cut” and “20” standing out. The LP version is highly coveted by collectors, considered a landmark release that has influenced electronic music for years.

Outrage Angel EP

Candy Flip Remix

Duran Duran’s side project Arcadia had a hit in 1990 with “Election Day,” remixed by Candy Flip.

The remix fused acid house and techno to create a popular dance version with a ’90s vibe. It topped UK charts, popularizing the genre and cementing Candy Flip’s status as a leading producer. Candy Flip also remixed tracks by other artists, defining the sound of British dance music in the early ’90s.

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