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“I think this is the first time I’ve heard a fuzz box used successfully”

Did we catch your eye with this quote? Good we hope so, as it is taken from the back of the of a fabulous, rare album from The Animals released in the mid 1960s with the catchy title, Animalisms we currently have in stock. So, if you want to hear a correctly played fuzz box or discover more rare sounds, October is the month to pop into Clocktower Records to discover our rare, pre-loved record collection!

There is nothing more pleasing as the days draw in than to revisit old favourite musical sounds, settling down with musical memories playing through the day and into the nights, and here at Clocktower Records we have something musical and rare catering to everyone’s musical tastes available! From mellow moods to psychedelic party vibes, we have curated 10 rare albums that should be your essential weekend listening.

Autumn music has a special sort of pull, music to chill to over long lazy lunches, upbeat tunes to dance around the house as you settle in for winter, from party nights to reminiscing with mates. Autumn music can gear you up for a new venture, convert you into listening to a new genre of music or just simply make you smile with happiness and sing along.

Whatever your autumn vibe, Clocktower Records has you covered with our expansive and eclectic selection of rare vinyl records. However, catch them whilst they are in as once they have gone they have gone as what we sell depends on what we can buy. This month our specials range from the 60s to the early 00’s with rare albums you’ll be unlikely to come across in the southwest or indeed the UK.

From evocative Blues with Dave and Jo-Ann Kelly, or psychedelic evolutionary sounds from late 60s American east coast band Vanilla Fudge, to the melodic soothing Indie sounds of The Maccabees third album in 2012, our ‘rare in’ records cross all genres.

Are you more into the Ibiza club sound or American Thrash Metal (would anyone be into both genres? Coolest answers as to why you would be into both, messaged to Clocktower Records by the end of the month, could win you one of our fabulous tote bags and some record cleaning fluid). If you are into either, or both, available now is the iconic sound of Café Del Mar spinning Ibiza vibrations or a rare ’86 album from Dark Angel.

The great and the good of musical artists are represented with rare solo albums from Bert Jansch and Jeff Lynne. Along with our phenomenal collection of rare Pink Floyd including an early release Columbia label.

Funky sounds spin with a rare Moodymann techno album Deep Heat from 1997 or the electronic and progressive sounds of the Lush album, Lish complete with postcards and stickers for the connoisseur collector.

Rare Records available in store to buy – Remember we only have one of each of them as these preloved masterpieces are hard to source.

The Maccbees – Indie rock band with post punk influences – Only releasing four albums before their split in 2016. This rare copy of their third album highlights Given to the Wild is a masterpiece filled with their catchy melodies and poetic lyrics. Superb creativity and talent are showcased in this album, one of unique harmonies, instruments, and deep emotions.


Vanilla Fudge- An American rock band who captured the essence of the late 60s whilst pioneering a unique style of psychedelic rock. With their innovative reinterpretations of popular songs and their ability to push musical boundaries, Vanilla Fudge carved their own path in the history of rock music. Drawing influence from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, they added their own twist to the emerging psychedelic rock genre. Their signature style involved slowing down the tempo, incorporating heavy organ riffs, and infusing it all with a psychedelic haze. Their album, Vanilla Fudge, named for the band, is available now in the shop.

Dave Kelly – needs no introduction as a seasoned musician and true blues aficionado, with his soulful voice and mesmerising guitar skills. With deep connections to the blues, his gritty vocals effortlessly convey a range of emotions, from heartache and longing to resilience and triumph. Throughout his musical career, Dave has collaborated with some of the biggest names of the industry and this rare early album, available in store is a testament and triumph to his early genius, the enduring power of the blues genre and the universal language of the blues. A collector’s dream album.

Bert Jansch – Talented in his ability to craft meaningful lyrics that touch to the core of human existence, Jensch’s songs tell of love, heartbreak, self-discovery, and the pursuit of dreams, capture by his uncanny ability to evoke a wide range of emotions. Jensch’s first album, available at Clocktower Records, simply called Bert Jansch was hailed as a blues and folk masterpiece when released in the 60s. On the back of the album cover, is the prophecy that he will soon be recognised as a wonderful talent, which he was.

Bert Jansch

Café del Mar – Café del Mar’s Volumen Seis is a musical masterpiece that transcends boundaries and takes listeners on a captivating journey of sound, rhythm, and emotion. This iconic album, known for its chillout and ambient tracks, has become an integral part of the Café del Mar experience, enhancing the serene atmosphere, and captivating the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. This exceptional album offers a captivating musical journey with its carefully curated collection of tracks, it elevates the Café del Mar experience to new heights, providing a soundtrack for relaxation, introspection, and pure musical enjoyment. Perfect for anyone wanting to take those summer beach days inside for the autumn.

Dark Angel – a Legendary thrash metal band hailing from LA, the band gained recognition for their relentless speed, blistering guitar solos and aggressive lyrics. Catchy yet intense lyrics, ferocious sound and uncompromising attitude solidified the band as a pioneer of thrash metal. Available at Clocktower Records this month is a rare copy of their debut album ‘Darkness Descends’. Released in 1986 the album is one of breakneck speed, intricate guitar work and the dynamic frontman, Ron Rinehart’s commanding vocals.

Split – An enchanting album by the band called Lush, is filled with mesmerizing melodies and captivating beats that take listeners on a sonic journey. With their signature blend of electronic and progressive sounds, Lush weave together a tapestry of lush harmonies and intricate rhythms that create a truly immersive experience. “Split” is a captivating album by Lush that combines electronic and progressive elements to create a truly immersive and enchanting musical experience. It’s a journey through lush landscapes of sound that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.

The Animals – Forming in Newcastle in the early 60’s, the band gained recognition, international fame, and acclaim for their energetic and raw approach to rhythm and blues Their album ‘Animalisms’, (available now at Clocktower Records) showcases the bands raw energy and captivating sounds of 60s blues rock. Heavily influenced by American R&B, blues and rock ‘n’ roll they created a unique and dynamic fusion which resonated then, as it still does now, with audiences and continuing to influence musicians today.

Jeff Lynne – A heartfelt tribute to the timeless classics of the 1950s and 1960s, the album Long Wave is brought to life by the legendary musician and producer Jeff Lynne. The album showcases Jeff’s incredible talent for reinventing beloved songs from this golden era, infusing them with his own unique touch and passion. An exquisite selection of iconic tracks, Long Wave; takes listeners on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. A rich, warm, and immersive sound that wraps around you like a comforting embrace, transporting you to a bygone era where music had the power to touch hearts and souls. The perfect October album!

Moodymann is a critically acclaimed deep house and techno artist known for his unique style and soulful sound. With an innovative approach to electronic music, his albums encompass a fusion of various musical elements, including deep house, funk, jazz, and soul. With exceptional production skills shine throughout the Deep House record, he masterfully blends vintage samples with modern electronic beats, creating a captivating and atmospheric sound. Pushing the boundaries of electronic music this album is a must-listen for fans of deep house.

If you have been captivated and interested by a small selection of our rare records available to buy this October at Clocktower Records, don’t forget to pop in to visit us at our signature destination record shop in Bridport .

As always, our friendly and knowledgeable crew are happy to help with all your musical enquiries and who knows you’ll probably find something special to buy and take home for the weekend!

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