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Grateful Dead - Without A Net
Grateful Dead
The Beatles Now and Then
New Order Substance
The 1967 -1970 CD features the single Now and Then

Grateful Dead – Without a Net

Expanding our popular selection of The Grateful Dead with an exciting 3 LP se@Leviton of Live Dead with over two hours of historic performances between October ‘89 and April ‘90


Two classic Beatles compilation albums that no home or car should be without. EVER 😉👌showcasing the very best of their work. Each CD features 37 tracks including 9 extra tracks not found on the original albums. #beatlesnowandthen
The 1967 -1970 CD features the single Now and Then

New Order – Substance

Substance” is a compilation album by the English rock band New Order, released in 1987. It is a collection of the band’s 12-inch singles and their B-sides, spanning from 1981 to 1987. The album features tracks that were significant in the evolution of New Order’s sound, particularly as they transitioned from their earlier post-punk roots as Joy Division to a more electronic and dance-oriented sound.

“Substance” includes some of New Order’s most iconic and well-known tracks, such as “Blue Monday,” “Bizarre Love Triangle,” and “True Faith.” “Blue Monday” is especially notable for being one of the best-selling singles of all time. The album also showcases the band’s exploration of electronic music, synthesizers, and dance beats, contributing to their influence on the alternative dance and synth-pop genres.

The compilation provides a comprehensive look at New Order’s work during a pivotal period in the 1980s, and it remains a significant release in the band’s discography.

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