Rare record collections continue to be brought into Clocktower Records for sale and trade

Rare record collections continue to be brought into Clocktower Records for sale and trade

Clocktower Records exalted reputation as the premier place to sell your record collection continues its ascent, not only locally, but increasingly nationally. Word has got out that we are serious about ensuring that a constant revolving stock of highly collectable and sought after records are in stock for our loyal customers to buy, alongside a steady stream of old vinyl favourites for sale. As an established, reputable and trustworthy record shop we know which records are in regular high demand for collectors old and new.

Hundreds of records are brought into the shop weekly, with the assurance that a fair price will be paid for them, alongside an honest appraisal of their worth, condition and desirability. If we truthfully feel any record will not sell, we offer them to local charities, raising money for the local community.

Frequently we discover rare gems amongst the records brought in for us to buy, love letters can be hidden in the sleeve, concert tickets from a bands first gig, signed album covers, or a rare pressing of a seemingly popular and mass produced LP.  Merchandise such as posters and postcards used to be more commonplace within record sleeves and was almost always taken out and displayed. Finding original ‘intact’ items is therefore highly sought after. The thrill for Clocktower Records, sellers and buyers alike, is the unknown gems we discover when records are brought in for sale. Please ask to see some of the quirky and rare discoveries we have kept on display only in the shop, such as autographs by Marc Bolan, The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Kate Bush, John Peel, making the shop a true destination experience for musical fans and devotees alike! Spending time in the shop is like spending time in a cool hub of memorabilia to view as well as buying or selling your records.

There are rarities available to sell in the shop, and we are regularly buying complete collections of genres and individual artists, especially if we know there are collectors keen to buy.  When some/many records come into the shop for sale, we know they will immediately be snapped up by collectors who eagerly await news to see what is available. Recent collections brought by Clocktower Records include a premium collection of Pink Floyd vinyl and memorabilia, collectable and coveted singles from the 1960s through to the 1980s, early mono limited releases of rare Jazz recordings, world records, and increasingly collectible Ska, Punk and Heavy Metal. We pride ourselves on buying collections to showcase all genres of music, as we know that our knowledgeable selection of records will always find keen buyers.

Quality secondhand records

All secondhand records for sale at Clocktower Records are assessed for condition, cleaned, sleeve repaired if required and priced fairly for resale.  This honest and open approach to buying and selling records is what makes us the most popular destination record shop experience in the galaxy! And also, a reason to visit the bustling market town of Bridport, Dorset with its numerous independent retailers, street market and arts and vintage quarter. 

Please give us a call on 01308 458077 if you have a collection to sell or even a few records you think we may be interested in.  We will give you an honest appraisal and price. We encourage you to leave your records so we can properly evaluate your collection if we are busy in the shop to give you the best price.

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