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The Lovely Dozen
Expand and enrich your musical collection with rare records available for sale at Clocktower Records each month. We are established as always having a revolving, and compelling selection of rare records in stock at all times, the hidden gems you are looking for. Our customers, the music enthusiasts and collectors who visit us at our two Bridport shops, appreciate that we stock unique and hard-to-find records. They also know that there could always be that elusive record waiting to be found and purchased.

A destination and reputation for rare records

Personal recommendations from customers and visitors to our shop is what brings people to our doors. They have experienced the friendly and open conversations regarding our impressive collection of preloved records and know that rare records are always available for sale. Our openness and knowledge regarding our stock of rare records is the driving force behind how many of our loyal customers find us. As we do not sell online, the exclusivity and rarity of our rare records collection is a key factor for visitors to our friendly and fun destination record shop. Our reputation for having rare records for sale is frequently the driving force for visitors from far and wide.

Why are we known for having a expansive selection of rare records for sale in the UK?

Clocktower Records has built a brilliant relationship with people who want to sell their record collections and the owner Roy, and his staff are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the records which come in for sale. This is the genesis of how we find those rare records and why the stock we carry changes regularly. At Clocktower Records we never know what rare records we may discover, so whether you are searching for iconic albums that shaped genres or seeking limited edition releases to add to your collection, we are a good place to start looking on a regular basis.
By regularly visiting our Bridport shops, we can get to know you and discover what you are interested in or what gaps there are in your collections. If you visited us whilst on holiday or a day trip, or perhaps came along to one of our Vinyl Saturdays or musical events, you may be concerned about not knowing what rare records we have in before your next visit.

This is why we have decided to do a monthly update on our website and social media to highlight the top selection of current rare records in stock. Yet do not forget, they are one offs and once they have gone, they have gone!

  • How do I know what rare records UK you have in stock?

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